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If you have been feeling lethargic and tired, detoxing is just what you need to bring back that spark and energy. No need to pack your bags and check yourself into an expensive detoxing retreat because you can detox your body at home – and here is how to do it!

If you have never had a detox, it is advisable to undergo detoxification for a maximum of only 3 days at a time. The purpose of detoxification is to eliminate body waste , clearing the body of toxins and chemicals that accumulate in the body due to some of the foods or drinks we consume.

So, what constitutes a detox diet – what should yuo be eating?

• Fresh fruits – lemon, water melon, apple and grapefruit.
• Vegetables – lettuce , celery asparagus and rocket. These are key in helping the liver cleanse. The fruits and vegetables can be used to make smoothies. That is an easy and interesting way to consume them.
• Grains – Brown rice.
• Hearbal Teas – Fennel, Dill, Peppermint , Aniseed, Lemon and Green Tea. These teas provide soothing and calming effects and also act as cleansers.
• Water – this is very important and not less than 8 glasses a day should be taken. Water helps with body hydration and also flushing the toxins out.

In order to detox your body effectively – there are some foods you must avoid. What foods to avoid during the 3 day detox?

• Red Meat and Dairy Products
• Flour and wheat
• Sweets , sugar and confectionary
• Salt and artificial additives
• Tea, coffee and alcohol.

Here are some of the recommended foods and drinks you should take during the three days detox
1. During these detoxing days, on waking up everyday, take a cup of hot water mixed with the juice of half a lemon to help cleanse body and flush out toxins. A drop of honey can be added to make this detox drink taste better.
2. Drink 2 cups of any of these recommended teas: chamomile tea, fennel tea, dandelion tea or peppermint tea. Also drink 1 medium glass of carrot or beetroot juice – these are good for liver detox.
3. Breakfast options: Oats porridge topped with natural yoghurt, banana, raisins and sweetened with honey. Or alternately you can have fresh fruit salad with natural yoghurt and a sprinkling of oats or homemade muesli. Another breakfast option is a fruit smoothie made from fresh fruit and natural yoghurt with honey as a sweetener if required.
4. Lunch Options: Jacket potato topped with tuna (canned in water) mixed with sweetcorn and natural yoghurt and served with salad. Another option is homemade guacamole which includes avocado, lemon juice, fresh chilli, tomatoes and garlic , a serving of vegetable crudités and oatcakes. You may also have fresh avocado served with prawns, salad, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice.
5. Dinner: Baked a salmon fillet with a serving of a jacket potato and steamed vegetables. Another option – stir fry vegetables-onions, mushrooms, peppers, courgette and leek in a little olive oil with a handful of prawns, canned tomatoes and tuna canned in water with a serving of rice noodles. Or you can have stir fried chopped vegetables: onions, peppers, baby sweetcorn and mushrooms, with canned pineapple (in fruit juice), canned tomatoes, tomato purée, white wine vinegar and honey with a serving of brown rice.

It is recommened that you include walking for 30 minutes a day during the 3 day detoxification exercise.

It is recommened that once you start the 3 day detox that you do not stop until you are done. After the three days detoxification you will notice increased energy levels, clear skin and improved muscle tone.

About Orovo Detox – Lose Weight with Detoxification

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Detoxification has become a necessity in today’s lifestyle. This is primarily due to the abundance of toxins that can invade the body through the substances we ingest. There are luckily a lot of ways on how to detox. Others go for detox diets while others go for detox products that prove to be less restrictive. One such product is the Orovo Detox.

Orovo Detox claims to have ten Orovo Superfoods plus thirty-one natural detoxification agents. That is indeed a lot and with natural supplements, the more the better. Orovo detox contains the “superfoods” barley, acai, cayenne, pepper, buckwheat, flaxseed, alfalfa sprout, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Soy Isoflavines, garlic, wheatgrass. These are believed to contain detoxifying agents aside from essential nutrients.

Other ingredients are green tea, alpha lipoic acid, DMAE, idebenone, buchu leaves (250mg) , uva ursi (250mg), lemon balm (200mg) , milk thistle (200mg), ginger (100mg), juniper berries (100mg), senna leaf (100mg), couch grass (50mg), licorice root (50mg), parsley leaves (50mg), aloe vera (25mg), apple cider vinegar (25mg), grapefruit seed (25mg), grape seed (25mg), mangosteen (25mg), noni fruit (25mg), papaya fruit (25mg), peppermint leaves (25mg), pomegranate leaves (25mg), pomegranate (25mg), raspberry (25mg), red clover (25mg), sage leaf (25mg). Orovo Detox doesn’t seem to fall short in the variety of detoxification potentials it can offer. It contains green tea which aids in weight loss. This is good news to those who want to detoxify and loss weight at the same time.

Orovo Detox is to be taken two pills a day for seven days. The price at retail can be almost $90 but buying it online can great reduce the price by more than 50%. Buying it in bulk can reduce it further. It really isn’t a great deal since retail prices are marked up and it could be a marketing ploy. Like all other pills out in the market, it is not without any side effects. This can include anxiety and frequent bowel movement. It can be a choice between an effective pill with side effects, or an ineffective pill without side effects.

Taking Orovo Detox is an alternative way on how to detoxify the body without going through the hassle of detox diets. Pills after all are so easy to take. It may cost you more though. It could also be good for people who view claims by other detoxification product like detox patches and detox foot pads to be too good to be true.

While heavy marketing makes Orovo Detox seems like a product that’s more on marketing and less on the product, it is important to take it for what it packs. There’s no denying that it offers a wide variety in its blend and thus can offer other nutritional benefits aside from detoxification. If you feel that Orovo Detox can be the detoxification product for you, you can expand your knowledge on it and know about other people’s experience in other Orovo Detox reviews. Over-all, it’s a great product that can certainly do more than what it promises.

Detox Diet and Products

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Detoxification Products – Different Methods of Detoxification

With the current practices of processing of foods and pollution, people nowadays are much more exposed to toxins. These toxins enter the body by the way of the substances we ingest like food, water and air. This situation calls for an immediate action to prevent long term damage that exposure to these harmful chemicals will bring about. A way to go about this is through detoxification.

Detoxification is the process where our body eliminates harmful substances it contains. Detoxification is naturally done by the body, but it can only do so much. Sometimes, we take in huge amounts of toxins that the body simply can’t keep up. It is therefore necessary to help detoxify the body through detoxification techniques.

A popular kind of these are the detox diets. While claimed to be effective, a common side effect of detox diets are the reduction of nutrients that are otherwise acquired through a proper normal diet. Plus, these diets are restrictive. There are, however, detoxification products out in the market that claims to aid in detoxification without the hassle of going through a tedious detox diet. Let’s take a quick look at these products:

Detox pills – probably the easiest detox technique to follow, just take that pill. There are lots of detox pills that are out in the market right now. Most of the pills are designed to help with addiction like nicotine (smoking detox) and alcohol (alcoholism detox). These needs to be taken with proper consultation from professionals since pills, like any other drugs, can offer some side effects other than detoxification.

Detox foot patches – a no hassle way to detox, detox foot patches, or detox pads, can detoxify you while you sleep. It is also an alternative way to detoxify the body for those who are prohibited to take pills. It works on Chinese acupuncture knowledge that the foot is a great part to detoxify since it contains a lot of acupuncture points. While it proves to be a really easy way to detoxify the body, many people are discouraged by its very alternative approach.

Detox teas – a popular detoxification product, teas have long been believed to bring about a number of health benefits. It is probably the most realistic in its claims to detoxify. Loaded with antioxidants and other beneficial traits, tea is a favorite of many health enthusiasts. You can grab these at any health store online and otherwise.

You can actually look for more knowledge on how to detoxify from experts, magazines and internet. With the advancement in technology and the fast dissemination of information, more detoxification products are developed every day.

Choosing one that will suit you is easy as looking for something that will suit your lifestyle and budget. A thing to take note though is to be wary of fake products. While it is easy to fall to some claims of detoxification, you must look for credibility of the manufacturer and track record of the product. Product reviews can help you with this. An expert advice will always be the best. It clues you to what will be most effective for you and what will be safe for you.

Detox Diets

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Detox Diets – Cleansing Your Body with Detox Diets

Our bodies ingest harmful chemicals called toxins together with the food we eat, liquids we drink, air we breathe and just about everything we come in contact with. These toxins can slowly deteriorate and hamper our system causing illness and other bad effects. Therefore, there is a need to help the body remove toxins, one way to do this is to be on a detox diet plan.

Detox diet plans are diet programs where the foods consumed help in the expulsion of toxins. You can choose from a variety of detox diet plans that you feel, or advised, you can undergo and get the best possible results. These include:

Lemon detox diet – the consumption of lemonade only for a certain amount of time to rest the body’s digestive system and aid it in expelling toxins

Diuretic diet – a detox diet designed to improve the removal of fluid retained in the body

Fruit detox diet – consuming mainly fruits, this detox diet promises to flush out toxins and improve liver function.

Raw food diet – raw foods are said to contain enzymes that helps the body fight toxins, much of these are lost during the cooking process. Eating raw foods, hence, aids the body in expelling toxins.

Day detox diet – a detox diet plan designed to be undertaken for a specific amount of time. This usually involves consuming only select foods for that duration. It generally aims to help the body clean toxins by ingesting only those foods that could be beneficial in the process.

Liver detox diet – developed to cleanse the liver of toxins, this detox diet plan is claimed to aid in improving over-all liver function and weight loss.

Carol Vorderman detox diet – endorsed by celebrity Carol Vordeman, this detox diet plan prohibits the consumption of processed and other complex foods. It instead advises the consumption of eating fruits and vegetables, drinking right amount of water and answering immediately to hunger cycles. This detox diet is credited as responsible for Ms. Vordeman’s incredible weight loss.

Of course, there are more detox diet plans out there, and many more are developed as time progresses. With many plans to choose from, you can always find something that will suit your purpose.

Undergoing a detox diet plan can be dangerous if not given the proper guidance or right procedures are not followed. It also limits some nutritional advantages you can get by eating a wide variety of foods. That’s why most of these plans are designed for a short time. And, these plans can hinder you from eating your favorite foods. The gains promised by these detox diet plans, however, can never be underestimated.

We owe it to our body to help it maintain itself and in consequence make it better. Doing this diet plans eventually develop a sense of discipline in us to be responsible for our body. A long term effect of this is having a healthier lifestyle which will ultimately be the greatest detoxifying plan we all can be in to.

Lemon Detox Diet

Have you been in search of a weight loss diet that shows results fast? Look no further the lemon detox diet not only helps you loose weight but also cleanses your body leaving you feeling invigorated.

For the maximum effect of both detoxification and weight loss, when going on the lemon detox diet one should not take anything else apart from the lemon detox tonic, it is prudent therefore consult you doctor before commencing on the detox. If you do get woozy at any time during the detox, chances are this is as a result of toxin elimination and some light exercise will increase blood flow and consequently the pace of toxin elimination.

The lemon detox diet contains the following ingredients:
1. Ice cold Water 8 oz..
2. Juice of 1/2 Lemon ( medium to large)
Lemon Juice is good for detox due to it’s high acidity content. It not only helps in the flushing of body toxins but since it is absorbed directly into the blood stream the digestive system is not pressured at all.
3. 100% Pure Maple Syrup – 2 tablespoons
Natural Tree Syrup is an key in the lemon detox diet due to it’s high nutrient, vitamin and mineral content. While on this detox diet the maple syrup enables the body to continue functioning normally by providing it with all the fuel it needs due to it’s wholesome nature.
The syrup is also a source of energy which comes from the sugar in it which helps keep hunger at bay.
4. A pinch of ground Cayenne Pepper or ground Ginger.
Cayenne Pepper\Ginger is needed in detox because they help increase the metabolic rate enhancing cleansing.

Blend these ingredients together and take the lemon detox tonic continuously for 7 – 10 days. Take in 6 – 9 glasses a day of the detox tonic or more since this is a meal replacement tonic.

Apart from this lemon detox tonic, you need to take more water than normal to keep hydrated and you may also include intake of a laxative drink like peppermint tea or salt water. This helps in the detox process by triggering bowel movement essential in completing the detoxification process.

Once you have completed the 7 – 10 day lemon detox diet do not jump right into eating your regular food. Start off with fruit juice , gradually move to lighter food like salads then go on to you normal food thereafter.

The lemon detox diet is good for people who want to loose some weight for a particular reason within a short span of time. You must also consider your health and if you have any condition that may be aggravated by your being on the lemon detox diet .

If you do get to your ideal weight through lemon detox diet in order to keep off the extra weight a healthy lifestyle and some exercise always helps. Why not give the lemon detox diet a try and loose that extra weight and even if you may need to do it a few more time to achieve your wanted weight at least you will have cleansed your body and given yourself a new lease of life.