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The Clean Eating Diet–Eating the Right Food for Overall Wellbeing

Clean eating diet, although just recently gained popularity, isn’t a new idea. Eating the healthiest choices of food has long been advised by health experts. This ensures getting the most out of what you eat while avoiding harmful things found in some other food. Unlike most diet programs, its main goal is not just to lose weight but also to promote a healthy lifestyle. Recently popularized by Tosca Reno on her book Eat-Clean Diet, it has gained fame for promising more than weight loss. The book generally outlines clean eating recipes that readers can easily follow.

Clean eating diet highly encourages the consumption of whole and unprocessed foods while discouraging fat-laden and processed food. Consumption of these clean foods prevents you from ingesting substances that can have detrimental effects on the body.

Tosca Reno, in her book, outlines basic guidelines to effectively develop a clean eating habit. It suggests:

- Eating five to six meals per day.
- Meals are recommended to be two to three hours apart
- Lean protein and complex carbs combination must be present at every meal
- Water consumption needs to be a liter or 8 cups a day
- A meal must never be missed especially breakfast
- Prepare to-go clean eating foods in case you need to go out
- Refrain from processed and refined foods
- Refrain from foods containing saturated and trans fats
- Refrain from drinks heavy on sugar
- Adequate healthy fats (EFAs) must be consumed every day
- Refrain from alcohol intake
- Refrain from foods laden with calories but contains no nutritional value like junk foods
- Eat fresh fruits
- Consume the right portion sizes

One needs to follow these guidelines to the heart to get the most out of the program. To have a clean diet really needs some work. It is easy to see though that the work you’ll put into the plan will have great results for your body.

Clean eating diet can result to fat loss, increased energy, better skin and hair, better sleep and increase in mental well-being. Clean foods also tend to be inexpensive since they are unprocessed. You can grab a clean eating cookbook or subscribe to an eating clean magazine to learn clean recipes that will suit your taste. Preparing these recipes is never complicated.

Clean eating diet is a stringent plan. For it to be at its most effective, proper habits need to be observed and bad habits need to be abandoned. One can see that the advantages far outweighs the disadvantages, which mostly involves staying away from foods that are otherwise dangerous. Eating clean is never hard to grasp, it follows the long held notion that better health can come from better eating, paired with exercise. And you can’t get any better than eating right and eating clean.