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Blood Type Diet–The Right Foods for Your Blood Type

Blood Type Diet, as the name suggests, is a diet based on blood type. It is a relatively new diet program introduced by Dr. Peter D’Adamo in his book Eat Right for Your Blood Type. Since then, diet by blood type became a favorite among people who want an alternative to other diet plans whose programs can be so complicated.

Blood type diet basically encourages certain food types and discourages others based on the person’s blood type. These encouraged foods types are said to be inherently good enough for the person to attain good health and lose weight.

Human beings can be classified to four basing on their blood type, O, A, B and AB. Blood Type Diet works on the principle that a person must follow the eating habit of his ancestors that first developed the blood type. This ensures that the person will be eating the right type of food that his body was designed for. Basing food restrictions on human history and evolution, Dr. D’Adamo formulates a diet plan that he recommends to members of each blood type.

Blood Type O diet – believed to be the first blood type, it is around when humans were hunter-gatherers. These people are used to consuming large amounts of meat and rigorous activities like hunting. Thus, it is recommended for people with blood type O to have more meat and fish in their diet and pair it with exercise. They should refrain from foods rich in carbohydrates.

Blood Type A diet – this type developed when people started to abandon their hunter-gatherer days and settled in communities. Farming was born around this time so food was cultivated and results to a diet composed mostly of vegetables. The Blood Type diet recommends the same for people today with such blood type. More veggies need to be consumed and lesser amount of other stuffs.

Blood Type B diet – developed in nomadic people who left farms to look for better place to develop. Alternating farming and hunting, this group attained a wide variety of food choices. This made people with blood type B apt for a wide selection of food groups. They can eat combinations of meat, fish, vegetables and grains without much problem.

Blood Type AB – the modern type, this group as outlined in the Blood type diet plan, can combine the eating habits of both A and B blood types.

Blood type diet is as simple as focusing your diet on certain food groups. This will give your body the right kind of food it was designed to handle. This results in more efficient digestion and better metabolism, both which encourage weight loss for those having a problem.

On a general view, the blood type diet doesn’t singularly promote weight loss but as a way to eat right. Human body does best when it is exposed to the conditions it originally was used to, internally and externally.

It is, however, not recommended to completely abandon other food groups since it will upset the nutritional balance in the body. Blood type diet, most of all, is inexpensive, it doesn’t require fancy recipes and so anyone can do it.