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Acai Berry Diet – Benefits of the Super Fruit

Acai (pronounced as “ah-sigh-ee”) berry is a fruit of Acai palm native to Central and South America. It has long been an important food source to the natives. It also has been utilized as herbal medicine to cure different ailments. It is known to the locals to provide high energy when consumed. It was only recently that acai berry gained widespread popularity in America. This popularity attained an upward spike when people saw acai berry diet on Oprah show. Oprah Winfrey has been raving about acai berry diet as a great weight loss supplement.

Acai berry diet benefits includes, as was stated earlier, an energy boost. This is due to the quick process of digestion, efficient burning of fats and fast metabolism in the body induced by the consumption of acai berry.

It also contains high levels of fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 which further enhances metabolism and inhibits hunger. It boasts high fiber content, thus acai berry cleanse the body of unwanted waste from digestion. Saying these, acai berry diet promotes healthy weight loss. While providing a healthy avenue for those who desire to size down, acai berry doesn’t leave the body wanting for nutrients naturally found in everyday diet, and it provides more.

Acai berry, like all other fruits, provides you with essential vitamins and minerals. It also contains high level of antioxidants, one of the highest among fruits, thus helping fight cell degeneration and cancer. Other benefits from acai berry diet include:

1. Improves sleeping habits
2. Enhances the immune system
3. Increases sexual drive and performance
4. Enhances circulation
5. Regulates the body’s cholesterol level
6. Promotes better circulation
7. Slows ageing

Acai berry diet really does provide the body with lots of health benefits all in one fruit. One might think that for a thing so good it might score low on the taste criteria. But, acai berry breaks the mold. Described as having a taste of a concoction of berries and chocolate, this fruit provides a rich experience to your palate making sure that you won’t be eating it for the benefits alone but also for its taste.

One thing about acai berry is that it could be hard to find in stores for the difficulty in storage due to fast degradation. And coming from a foreign land, it takes a lot of time and work to ship it making it harder to stock up on this “superfruit.” However, acai berry is available in lots of different forms which are easier to store, handle and consume. You could choose from acai berry pills, juices or health snacks. One thing that you have to make sure, though, is that you’re getting the right thing in the right amount. There are lots of companies who cash in on the popularity of acai berry diet and put out mediocre products. And of course, you can find stores and dealers that sell the fruit itself.

Acai berry diet is for everyone. It is as natural as you can get. It is a diet where you don’t deprive your body of anything. It also tastes good which could be the biggest encouragement everybody needs when sticking to a diet. With all its internal and external benefits, acai berry diet could be the best one there is.