The Effect of Contact Lenses on Eye Color

August 21, 2009 by  
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Contact lenses are definitely not a cosmetic device. People normally wear them when they have a problem with vision. However, once a person has to use a contact lens, there is no harm in leveraging it a bit to make it a fashion accessory.

Eye color can be modified by the use of colored contact lenses in the following four ways:

A contact lens may have a light green or blue visibility tint. The color here is quite mild and is unlikely to change eye color in anyway. It is only meant to increase the visibility of the contact lens itself to make insertion and storing of the lens easier.

The next type, that can have a stronger effect on eye color are contact lenses with enhancement tint. Here the color of the contacts will be a richer green or blue. It will not change eye color as such, but can make blue or green eyes a brighter blue or green.

The third type of contacts lenses, those with color tints, can completely change eye color. These contacts cover the iris fully and change the appearance of the eye. By using contact lenses with color tints, green eyes can be changed into blue or vice versa. These color tint contacts are available in many colors like violet, gray, hazel, blue, or green.

As fashion contact lenses or cosmetic contact lenses, contacts with color tints are very effective. These colored contact lenses are perfectly done to look exactly like the natural iris in its mottled pattern with dots and lines. The uncovered pupil allows the free passage of light and air and ensures proper vision. Since the pupil of every person is dark in color, the effect from a contact lens with color tint is quite natural.

The last type of colored contact lens is theatrical contact lenses. The effects that this type of color contact lenses can create are varied. These may be cat eye contacts to produce the effect of a cat’s eye or may be devised to make the eye look larger than it actually is. In this type of contacts, the eye color also can be quite outlandish like red or white and is only used for comic effect or to represent special characters.

Colored contact lenses of several varieties are available in the market. Some of them may be pure fashion contact lenses but most of them come with the ability for vision correction as regular contact lenses do. More common varieties are soft ones, RGP, or those for daily wear or extended wear. Even those contact lenses which are cosmetic contact lenses can come with provisions for vision correction for those who need them.

If you are forced to use contact lenses, there is no harm in using fashion contact lenses that can also enhance your appearance. And once in a while for a party you can wear colored contact lenses just as a piece of beautifying ornament.