The Convenience of Disposable Contact Lenses

February 1, 2009 by  
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If the introduction of contact lenses brought about a cosmetic revolution, the introduction of disposable contact lenses brought about a convenience revolution for the users.

Disposable contact lenses are of several types. Some are designed to be discarded every day while others can be worn for a week or a fortnight or a month. Within the usage of disposable contact lenses there are clear cut distinctions. For example, some disposable contact lenses are to be worn from morning till night and discarded at the end of the day. But there are other ones which are to be removed at the end of the day but should not be thrown away. These have to be cleaned and reinserted the next morning and reused till the end of its tenure which may be a week or a month. These instructions have to be noted when you buy contact lenses and followed correctly.

Contact lenses block oxygen supply to the eyes. So, the more frequently you leave the eye free of contact lenses, the better. The contact lenses designed for extended wear increases the chances of eyes infections, conjunctivitis, and corneal abrasion.

While frequent changing of contact lenses ensures better supply of oxygen to the eyes, the storing and cleaning of eye contacts can pose a problem. Some users may develop allergic reactions to the liquid used for storing the lens. With disposable contact lenses, one can completely dispense off with the problem of cleaning since they come in sterilized solutions. Disposable contact lens requires cleaning only if it is to be reinserted.

Convenience is the major attraction of disposable contact lens for users. Many users get habituated to the regimen of daily cleaning and re-insertion of the lens. But it is a bother nevertheless, especially for those for whom time is at a premium. Disposable contact lenses make things easier. You just need to wear it for a day or a week or whatever the prescribed time, and throw it away.

The convenience factor of disposable contact lens is indisputable. All that the user needs to do is clean the hands once for insertion. After the use, it is thrown off. But disposable contact lenses do not come cheap and that is perhaps the price the user has to pay for availing the convenience. As manufacturing technologies evolve, the price of disposable contact lenses is coming down. Even then, they are definitely more expensive than regular contact lenses.

Researches on different materials for making contact lenses are continuing and manufacturers may soon come with a disposable contact lens that is cheap and can offer absolute clarity of vision. Sportsmen and spectators of games are one group who are most comfortable with disposable contact lens. They are quite comfortable with its perfect fit and easy disposability.

Some searching on contact lens online and a visit to a reliable dealer in contact lenses can give you ample information on a disposable contact lens that suits your requirement.