Myriad Choices in Contact Lenses

August 18, 2009 by  
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Since a wide cross section of people use contact lenses now, markets provide ample choice in contact lenses, made of different materials and with added functionalities.

Some contact lenses have UV protection these days. Then there are colored contact lenses of all types like blue eye contacts, white contact lenses, black contact lenses, and even pink contact lens. Many of these fashion contact lenses can completely change the eye color, and there are also theatrical contact lenses for fancy effects including Halloween contact lenses.

Among the colored contact lenses there are those which have just visibility tints. Here the coloring is light and is used only to make the contact lens visible enough for easy handling. Contact lenses with enhancement tints deepen the natural eye color. Then there are opaque lenses like blue contact lenses or black contact lenses that can completely change the eye color or give the eyes a mirror effect.

The dyes that go into the making of these contacts are safe, and do not have any adverse impacts on the oxygen permeability or durability, or flexibility of the contact lens. The color does fade after a while but since a contact lens has to be changed after a specific period, the fading never becomes a problem.

Certain fashion contact lenses or theatrical contact lenses, which can be opaque, may reduce visibility as they restrict the entry of light. There are contact lens models with a hole in the center to increase the entry of light. One has to be very careful while wearing cosmetic contact lenses or Halloween contact lenses for a party and should preferably avoid driving.

One improvement in many modern contact lenses is its UV filtering facility. Ultra violet rays are not good for eyes and nature itself ensures that much of it is filtered off so that human exposure to UV is minimized. But some amount of it would still be in the atmosphere and sunscreen manufacturers make a tidy sum by selling lotions and other protective equipments that screen the sun’s harmful rays. When contact lenses have an added UV protection mechanism, it is always healthier for the eyes.

Modern contact lenses afford certain other modifications to suit people working in certain ambiences. Some contact lenses come with a coating that can change the extent of the light spectrum that the user sees. Sportsmen are helped by using contact lenses that can block the lights of certain wavelengths. These modifications help them to see a yellow tennis ball more clearly against the background of the tennis court. Then there are contact lenses that make golf balls contrast better with the green of the golf links and even the grey or blue of the sky, thereby enhancing athletic performance.

Contact lenses that can block certain types of lights in the spectrum will help people in certain conditions. For example, contact lenses that can keep off the blue light about 90%, will affect a difference in the way in which the user sees the immediate environment. There are also contact lens designs which can reduce the glare because of the added feature of polarization.

In short, there are contact lenses today with added features that can aid in performance enhancement, or fashion contact lenses that can change appearance. User has only to make the decisions.