Be Thorough With the Care of Your Contact Lenses

August 15, 2009 by  
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Taking care of your contact lens is not that difficult, but it is a job where you have to be consistent.

Cleaning is important as far as contact lens use is concerned. With all the comfort level of contact lenses and the practicality of disposable contact lens, the fact remains that contact lens users are more prone to eye health problems than non-users. So they have to be meticulous about cleaning the lens.

And the cleaning has to begin from keeping your hands clean. Since contact lenses have to be manually inserted, make sure that your fingers are absolutely clean, in order to minimize the risk of infections. Before touching your eye contacts, wash the hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and dry them with a clean towel or tissue.

And needless to say, the contact lens itself should be sterile and clean. All contact lenses come packed in a totally non-contaminated sterile solution. It has to be kept like that, day in and day out, by handling it with utmost care.

Till recent times, the cleaning solutions for contact lenses had certain preservatives in it. These preservatives caused the growth of certain compounds which are injurious to the eyes. Though most of these solutions have been replaced now with better ones, certain models of contact lenses have to rely on these liquids.

Certain types of contact lenses require that they be rubbed clean with fingers using a solution. These contact lenses are by and large good and few complaints have been reported. However, nowadays many newer models of contact lenses come with rub-free solution, still lessening the chances of infection. There are yet other makes that do not require any type of rinsing at all.

Many contact lenses have to be taken off at night and re-inserted in the morning. In the intervening time the lens has to be handled and stored with utmost care.

Fingers have to be made as sterile as possible while inserting a contact lens. Since most users need to do it every morning, extreme care should go into the job. And after removal also, the contact lens should go directly from hand to the cleaning solution. The lens should not even touch any other spot. And keep the contact lenses covered as well, to lessen contact with germs. The cleaning solution also should not be re-used.

Contact lenses that can be permanently implanted are gradually gaining popularity. This would solve the cleaning problem entirely. But as yet very few have opted for it. The majority, who wear it externally, have to be scrupulous and punctilious about the care of contact lenses.

Contact lens manufacturing methods and maintenance provisions have improved vastly over the years and doctors and manufacturers are thorough with these developments and its rules. So follow their instructions in full to minimize health risks resulting from the use of contact lenses and thereby leverage the benefits of a contact lens to the maximum.