Ultimate Solutions for the Feminine Skin

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Skin care products were women’s prerogative even before the idea of consumerism was born. There were several natural skin care products that protected the feminine skin long before mass marketing of skin care products began.

The condition of a woman’s overall health can be deduced with reasonable certainty by the state of her skin. Practically every negative condition like smoking, drinking, overeating, or vitamin deficiencies, leaves its clear mark on the skin. And her interest in maintaining herself well can be inferred by the standard of her skin care.

Women do not have to shave facial hair like men, but they have enough shaving to do. Since the skin in their areas of shaving is quite sensitive, extra protection should be given to the skin in those areas.

Water retention is generally more in the case of women than in the case of men. This can cause the skin to appear bloated. The way to combat it and get a clearer skin is to stick to a low salt diet.

Women’s skin care products comprise a very wide range and include cleansers, moisturizers, toners, exfoliators, gels, and eye creams. Besides that there are surgical procedures like dermabrasion where the surface of the skin is scraped off to remove skin blemishes, and non-surgical skin augmentation, where certain materials are injected under the skin to make it smoother.

Skin tone and texture can be affected by mood swings and emotional fluctuations in both men and women. In the case of women the additional burdens of pregnancy and menopause can also have its effect on the skin.

Skin care during pregnancy

The hormonal release during pregnancy can make the skin more oily than normal. So, sometimes skin care products might have to be changed to suit this. Skin should be constantly kept moisturized, and exfoliators can be used to remove the dead cells of the skin surface.

Special skin care should be given during pregnancy to the skin in the abdominal area to avoid stretch marks. Skin care product labels should be checked in detail during pregnancy to ensure that there are no potential allergens or other harmful components in it. Feet can be massaged with a foot lotion. Skin exposure to sun should be minimized by using sunscreen when out in the sun.

Skin care during menopause

Much of the skin changes during pregnancy may get rectified automatically after that stage, though stretch marks sometimes become constant. But skin changes during menopause are harder to combat. The hormonal imbalance of the stage will cause the skin to wrinkle and sag. Facial hair may also make its appearance in some cases. Dark spots, broken capillaries, and sometimes even a rush of acne is the curse of the skin at this stage.

Countermeasures to menopausal skin problems are frequent moisturizing, warm baths, and increasing the humidity in the air. Skin should continue to be protected from the sun, and warts and moles, if ever they appear, should be reported to the physician and tested, to rule out the possibilities of skin cancer.