Protecting Your Baby’s Skin

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When someone speaks of baby skin care, we might for a second wonder why that perfect skin needs care. It is precisely because of its tenderness and smoothness – and the fact that the baby’s skin is very tender and therefore needs extra care. The baby’s skin can get damaged more easily as a result of exposure to the elements of nature, and it can also dry easily. The baby skin’s tenderness demands that it is well cared for.

A baby can easily develop diaper rash. Heat rash is also a common skin problem among babies that may require skin care treatment.

General guidelines and tips on baby skin care

Baby skin has to be protected from the elements of nature, especially from exposure to ultraviolet rays that is present in the sunlight. They should preferably be kept indoors at least for the first few months. But if taking them out is unavoidable, the skin should be amply protected by clothes that cover completely, sunglasses, and head covering. A parent can stick to this sort of skin protection, even as the child grows older, inculcating in it the habit of protecting skin. After the age of 6 months sunscreen lotions can routinely be used to protect the skin, though ideally not before that.

There is no shortage of baby skin care products in the market. Because the baby’s skin is sensitive, even a slightly harsh detergent that is used for doing laundry can sometimes cause irritation on the baby’s skin. Another thing that should be done to ensure baby skin care is frequent changing of diapers. Excretory matter is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to skin infection.

There are skin care creams available for preventing nappy rash and these should be applied for proactive skin care. While changing diapers, the area should be cleaned with wipes or warm water, to avoid infection. Skin folds should be carefully wiped to avoid remnants nestling in those areas.

Baby skin should ideally be kept regularly moisturized with good skin care products. Though bathing the baby is necessary, too much bathing may deprive baby skin of the necessary moisture. If the air inside the home is dry, having a humidifier to retain moisture in the air will be beneficial to the baby’s skin. Baby bath water should be warm, but not hot. Those babies with cradle cap will have scales on the skin, generally on the head. These can be brushed off using a soft brush.

Babies can develop heat rashes. To ensure proper skin care, they should not be dressed in tight fitting clothes. Based on the climate of the area, they should be dressed in loose fitting dresses that will help the body best to control temperature.

Giving the baby proper skin care is important in two ways. It will keep the child’s skin smooth and supple, and as the child grows, skin care will become a habit for it.