How to Care For a Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin is a fine, delicate type of skin, which reacts to outside factors more instantly than other types of skin. It is generally more prone to infections and allergic reactions. It windburns and sunburns fast when exposed to winds, heat, or cold. Typically, a sensitive skin becomes blotchy, red, or irritated by exposure to any outside elements. If you have sensitive skin, you need to take good care of your skin.
Reasons for sensitive skin reaction

Since a sensitive skin has rather extreme reactions to most outside factors, it typically reacts negatively to many skin care products. Skin does come into contact with an array of products every day. Besides skin care products, that may include after shave lotion, facial masks, toners, cleansers, soaps, or oils, skin on the human hand may come into contact with detergents used for cleaning home, toilet, clothes, utensils, or what not! Potential allergens in any of these can trigger quite a negative reaction from a sensitive skin.

Protecting sensitive skin
Skin reactions can happen rather quick, and it is often not possible to make out whether the irritation caused is by the use of a specific skin care product or the result of exposure to heat or cold. Even products that may not be directly applied to skin, like a shampoo, perfume, or a hair spray is enough to trigger off an allergic reaction in a sensitive skin. It can even react negatively to pollen or other plant products.

The best form of proactive skin care in the case of a sensitive skin is to limit its exposure to outside factors. Once a sensitive skin sunburns or windburns, its sensitivity increases and it reacts more negatively to outside factors. Those with a sensitive skin should use sunscreen lotions or creams, especially those that does not contain potential allergens. The skin should be protected in advance before letting it come into contact with sunrays, or typically more heat or cold.
Proactive skin care is one of the highly recommended products for a sensitive skin.

Skin care for a sensitive skin

Mild baby soap is strongly recommended for a sensitive skin. After rinsing well, skin should be patted dry with a soft towel. Even a rough towel or scrubbing mitts may not suit a sensitive skin. Never try any skin care product or perfume directly on the face. Try a little first on the wrist to test the reaction, and proceed only if it is positive. To be more careful, a skin care product that has passed the test on the wrist can be tried behind the ears or even below the eyes before letting it go free all over the facial skin.

The owner of a sensitive skin will do well to go thoroughly through the product labels of any skin care product or detergent that he or she uses. It is safer for them to avoid things that contain alcohol, ethanol, propylene glycol, fragrance, botanicals etc. Consulting a good dermatologist will be ideal for those, in whose case, skin irritation persists and is triggered at the slightest provocation.

Minimize or totally avoid using synthetics for clothes and bed sheets and make it full cotton or silk. Another thing that can be done to protect a sensitive skin is to keep it always moist. A proper, balanced diet that includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and less of sugars will also help, by being a permanent skin care guardian deity for a sensitive skin.