The 3 Best Rejuvenating Things to Perk Up Your Relaxation

March 12, 2009 by  
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In this fast-paced world, where almost everything causes stress to man’s daily life, an ardent need for relaxation is becoming a necessity for a healthier living. Since man’s greatest asset is his body, mind and the self as a whole, investing in wellness have been the trend nowadays. However, giving your body the right techniques does not need to be costly.

Taking extra care of your body, may it be externally or internally is a form of relaxation. People do it by getting enough sleep, taking a time off from work, traveling, enjoying the things they are interested in, working out or doing simple meditations. All of these techniques help heal tired minds and exhausted bodies.

There are various ways of resting than just merely sleeping or taking a vacation. If these seem insufficient, add a twist and put some little spice! Trying some rejuvenating accessories with your preferred method of relaxation will give you a hand. The following are the top selected rejuvenating things that you can get hold of:

1. Essential oils

A spa or massage is one of the best treatments to make a person relaxed inside and out. Although the touch in itself heals already, aromatherapy produced by essential oils will definitely give more relief to those tired muscles and weak senses. The use of aromatherapy is not limited to a massage session only since it can also be simply displayed openly in a room to allow its scent to soothe the people within the area.

To match your needs or mood, here are some of the commonly used scents and their purposes:

Lavender: antiseptic; to aid feelings of depression;
Chamomile: for digestion; anti-inflammatory;
Ginger: laxative; aphrodisiac
Peppermint: to give relief from nasal difficulties, also for digestion

2. Candles

To feel relaxed is to feel warm. Lighting up a tea-light candle or a scented candle in your room will help you rejuvenate and meditate more effectively. The only thing you have to worry about is the toxic gas that is harmful to health. So stay away from those that are made with paraffin wax and choose beeswax or soy wax candles. These are made with more natural ingredients that are eco-friendly.

3. Music

Another way of relaxation is to silently give time to yourself while listening to music. Here are selected rhythms and sounds that have various effects to the human system. Each has a specific role that can be helpful to your needs.

• Drumming sounds induce sleep
• Vibraphone sound reduces stress
• Water waves give a relaxing and calming effect
• Bird chirps, wind chimes and other small animal sounds eliminate stress from the atmosphere

Relaxation is the answer to the exhaustion a person feels while living his day-to-day life. Methods of relaxation differ from one person to another but nevertheless, they all achieve one thing and that is to make a person feel brand new. The top 3 rejuvenating things mentioned above are all optional to have but it certainly will bring up your relaxation levels a notch higher.