Spa Myths – The Truth Behind It

February 20, 2009 by  
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Going to a spa is a privilege that a lot of people want to have. Despite its popularity in these modern times, there are still a lot of spa myths that stop people from indulging in what they enjoy best. If you are a spa lover then you can see for yourself some of the things that might prevent you from getting a particular spa treatment because of the misconceptions attached to it.

One of these misconceptions is that the use of saunas cause hair loss. This is considered a myth because no evidence points to the relation of hair loss and the frequent use of saunas. Primarily, saunas aid in improving the blood circulation through the heat it generates.

An improvement in the blood circulation promotes healthy growth of hair, which is contrary to what most people believe about saunas causing baldness. However, if the heat setting in the sauna is increased beyond the recommended temperature, the human hair will lose its moisture causing it to be brittle and dry. Thus, it would be best to apply conditioner to the hair before going to a sauna.

Another myth that most people believe when getting a spa service is that the whole process has to be done completely naked. This is untrue because a number of treatments can be performed with clothes on. To know what these treatments are, you can give your spa therapist a call before booking an appointment.

Most spa treatments are conducted with minimal clothing on but spa therapists are trained to make you feel comfortable without invading your privacy. Towel techniques are used so that only the body part where the therapists are working on is exposed.

It is also a misconception that only women frequent spa resorts because in the recent times, men have increasingly visited these resorts for treatments. Because of the rise of male patrons, spas have formulated specific treatments which are designed solely for men. The demand for spa services for men is proof of the conscious efforts that men put into self-nurturing without being afraid of being labeled feminine.

Further, spa holidays are often misconstrued as an activity for lazy people only. But this is not the case. Spa vacations aren’t as boring as what most people think. In fact, it is up to you to set the program you wish to undertake during one. And whether want a relaxed type of environment or an active one, there will always be a spa package that is just right for you.

Since spas are the likeliest places that people go to for relaxation and beautification, anti-age treatments are a hit with spa enthusiasts all over the world. However there a few that remain skeptical about the effectiveness of these treatments. These people believe that anti-age treatments are just marketing claims and they do not really work. But in reality these treatments can really assist in preserving the skin’s elasticity through the ingredients used during one. And though the change may not happen overnight, it will eventually be seen with continued treatment.

These are some of the myths that are abound when the term spa is being talked about. Now that you are aware of them, don’t stop yourself from getting the treatment you’ve always wanted to get. Definitely a spa experience will rejuvenate your body into feeling new.