Home Spa – Choosing the Best Hot Tub for Your Backyard

February 20, 2009 by  
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Do you want to recreate a spa experience right in your very own backyard? Then, getting a spa hot tub will do the trick. Nowadays, more and more people want to have a relaxing spot in their own homes to unwind after a day’s work and the closest thing to a spa that homeowners can have installed in their houses is a hot tub spa.

The demand of a spa environment at home is coupled with the many choices of hot tubs available today. Varied needs, spaces, and lifestyles are accommodated by these choices so before buying one you should explore your options to get the best kind of spa equipment that will fit your needs. It is wise to know the difference between a self-contained hot tub and a non self contained hot tub before making that purchase.

Self-contained hot tubs have all the electrical, heating, and filtration systems installed in the tub’s exterior cabinet. Self contained tubs are also called as a portable spas because they can be moved and re-installed to another place. On the other hand, non self-contained tubs are those that a permanently installed in ground. The heating, filtration, and electrical systems are located away from the tub.

You should also know how you will use the tub before actually buying it. If you plan to make the tub an entertaining area, you can go for a large model which has a lot of areas for seating. A simple and deep tub is ideal if you want to exercise in it. But if relaxation is your goal, you can get a hot tub spa with massaging jets.

To add posterity to your home spa, you can add some beautifying spa accessories to make it more personalized. Cover removal systems, enclosures, lighting, jets, water features, and audio-visual systems are some of the features you can add to make your home spa experience a more enjoyable one.

Seeing where the hot tub spa will fit in your backyard landscape is equally important. The right location is necessary for you to truly benefit your tub. Portable spas do not need so much preparation compared to the permanent ones as it only needs a dedicated outlet, a garden hose, and a deck which can support its weight. For both portable and permanent units, the primary location of choice is where a nice view can be seen with privacy upheld all throughout.

Once you know the type of spa hot tub and its corresponding spa accessories for your backyard, the next logical thing to do is to find the right dealer. Make sure that the company from whom you will be buying your tub from has good customer service and support. This is to ensure that if anything goes wrong with your tub, you know you have someone to help you out.

In the actual selection of hot tubs, retailers encourage you to give the tub a test try before you buy it. You should make the most out of this and evaluate the tub according to its depth, seating capacity, and the availability of jets.

When you are ready to purchase your tub, make sure that you get every terms and condition down into writing. This is to protect you from bad business. Read each item carefully and ensure that the product you are buying has a warranty before signing any agreement.

Once you already have the hot tub spa ready for installation, let professional electrician do the wirings for you and get yourself ready to enjoy a home spa experience.