The Benefits of Massage Chairs

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There are all types of massage equipments like massage tables, massage chairs, portable massage tables and massage beds. Of these, the most commonly used ones, with a wide range of massage techniques, are massage chairs.

During the 1980s, in the early stages of its inception into the massage therapy world, the massage chair was not very popular. But soon its usefulness in bringing out the effects of the Swedish and Shiatsu methods of massage therapy was noticed. People saw that massage chair could reduce back pain and relieve a person of tension and stress.

Now there are several makes of massage chairs in the market. The main parts of a massage chair are rollers and nodes and motors. Motors are what powers rollers and nodes, which function as the arms and fingers of the therapist, and massage the user. While bigger rollers and nodes give a general massage, smaller ones can massage specific areas and can be moved across the body to target different body parts. Nodes and rollers, and chair seat, can be adjusted to suit the height, weight, width and comfort of the user. Shiatsu massage chair, ijoy massage chair, human touch massage chair, dolphin massage chair, homedics massage chair, panasonic massage chair etc. are some of the better known massage chair models.

Some massage chairs are better programmed with computer assistance for adjustability. All massage chairs adjust to the user’s height and size by sensing the pressure upon it. By these adjustments the nodes and rollers of the massage chair locate the different points of the client’s back which has to be massaged in particular ways.

Massage chairs come with several modifications today. Some massage chairs can give warmth, while others have more adjustability. Yet others are more durable. Different massage therapy techniques are utilized in different models. Some massage chairs can provide the comforts of a Swedish massage by kneading the back with thumb pressure around the area of the spine. This type massage chair removes the knots on the back.

An ideal model of a massage chair can have 6 motors and 8 rollers. It would be capable of at least 10 functions. There would be a rolling footrest, provisions for seat adjustment and warming the feet, an electronic recliner, and an S-shaped feature for spine detection. A shiatsu massage chair with these functions can give the user all shiatsu massage functions. All good massage chairs can do tapping, mechanical kneading, and also synchronize functions.

Many massage chairs have added features like pillow pad, back cushion, seat cushion, arm rest, calf support, and other controls which are detachable. There are manual control options in massage chairs that help the user to switch between kneading or knock or strength. With the massage control system, the user can target different body parts like hips, legs, buttocks, neck, shoulders, upper back, or whole of the back for massage. There are panasonic massage chairs with voice guidance systems and customizable programs.

Mechanized arms and fingers cannot fully replace human hands. But massage chairs are as good a substitute as can be for a massage therapist’s hands. Check for the features of any of the models like ijoy massage chair, homedics massage chair, human touch massage chair, or dolphin massage chair, and you will find that these have plenty of features to ensure your satisfaction.

The Need for a Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

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Sports massage therapy, also known as deep tissue massage, is an important form of medical massage therapy. It consists of applying pressure to connective tissue, muscles, tendons, and fascia under the skin. But the massaging here simultaneously takes care of pressing those muscles situated deep down also. This form of massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage. While it is quite beneficial to athletes, it is done on ordinary people as well. In this article we are focusing on this specific type of massage therapy.

What is involved in deep tissue massage therapy?

In this form of massage therapy the focus is on muscles, tendons, fascia, and connective tissue. Pressure is applied to these parts, especially to deeper muscles, with fingers. The massage therapist presses these body parts applying a lot of pressure with his fingertips using slow strokes. The therapist’s fingers often trace a pattern across the grains of the muscle fibers. Or the fingers may move in the same direction as the muscles, tendon or fascia.

How does the patient benefit by this type of massage therapy?

Sports massage therapy is done with the specific aim of releasing tension from muscle fibers. While most people are in need of this, sportsmen are more so. These muscles get contracted by continuing activity in these parts of the body. By applying friction with fingertips, the tension and constriction gets released.

The benefits of massage therapy of the deep tissue are:

*Help in relieving the pain
*Help in healing
*Help in body realignment
*Elimination of scar tissue
*Relieving of tension
* Relaxation of muscles
*Removal of body toxins
* Help in blood circulation
* Increase in oxygen flow

The way pressure is applied in this form of massage therapy, the effect goes down to the deeper layers of the tissue. The massage therapist applies pressure with the following body parts:

* Forearms
* Hands
* Knuckles
* Elbows
* Fingertips
* Thumbs
* Fists

In sports massage therapy there is often the use of massage oil, or any type of lotion or cream. This is a very healing form of massage therapy. Of course, some sort of soreness of muscles might be there, especially if the deep tissue massage is being done in response to some muscle injury or muscle tiredness due to continued muscle exertion. But eventually, especially after a couple of days, a patient will feel very much energetic.

A deep tissue massage therapy helps in the following ways:

* By easing tension
* By removing headaches
* By reducing neck pain
* By giving general pain relief
* By removing trigger points of pain
* By relieving back pain
* By healing a sports injury
* By healing soft tissue damage
* By lessening the pain of tennis elbow
* By reducing problems of golfers elbow

There are also many other helps in healing.

Since this is a therapeutic form of massage therapy, there could be some ache or discomfort when much pressure is applied on certain muscles. But the massage therapist does not go for the deeper muscles directly. He warms the softer tissue first and then probes deeper. In deep tissue massage therapy, the patient should also preferably learn from the massage therapist, the type of focus that these muscles require. Then he can do some strengthening exercises at home to aid and streamline better the deep tissue massage therapy regimen.

Several Types of Massage Therapy to Choose From

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Mental pictures of a hospital or clinic are not pleasant for anyone. Sometimes the tests may be painful or the medical examination may be unpleasant. If anyone tells you that there is a form of therapy where the treatment itself is a pleasure, you would surely jump at the offer. And this is what massage therapy is. There are several types of massage therapy and an equally varied number of benefits of massage therapy. All these types of massage therapy heal injuries, cure anxieties, and tones up the body. We can analyze these to find out how each one works.

One of the common forms of massage therapy is known as relaxation therapy. Here massage is given mostly to the muscles in the back to release the stress and tension that remain knotted there. This is almost a pleasure therapy as the masseur kneads off the tension from the muscles and works to improve blood circulation. This is a general health massage therapy that lots of people opt to get done.

Remedial massage is a form of medical massage therapy that is employed to heal the damaged tissue. When muscles or ligaments sustain a tear or injury, this form of massage therapy is used to heal it. Together with physical therapy, this type of massage can repair the tear in the tissue. After the repair, the cured body would also have a wider range of movement as a result of the massage.

Next is the sports massage therapy which is almost unavoidable for those in different athletic fields. This too has the double function of repairing injuries, and building up the body for better performance. Athletes vastly improve their performance levels by getting sports massage therapy. After alleviating any existing damage to the tissues, this form of massage therapy ensures that the athlete’s body is kept at the optimum functional level necessary for that particular sport.

Aromatherapy is yet another pleasure massage therapy. This is a massage done using normal massage therapy techniques but together with applying aromatic essential oils. Body benefits from the medicinal effects of the oils as well, besides the touch and pressure of massage.

In the massage therapy known as reflexology, thumb and forefingers of the therapist work to loosen the points of reflex on the patient’s feet by controlling the rest of the body through those points.

Acupressure is a form of massage therapy that is gaining popularity day by day. In this form of healing, the therapist identifies sensitive points on the body. In the acupuncture treatment, these points are activated with needles, whereas in acupressure these points are stimulated with pressure through fingers. This form of medical massage therapy can remove the tensions and toxins that remain knotted in the body.

Each one of these different types of massage therapy has its own benefits. To ensure that you get all the benefits of the massage therapy, visit only a professional who has a massage therapy license. Also make sure that you know what type of massage therapy you need.

The Long List of Massage Therapy

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There are many types of massage therapy that are commonly used. These massage techniques are unique and benefits so diverse, that there would be hardly anyone who would not get some sort of advantage out of them. Results of massage therapy may range from a simple feeling of refreshment to the healing of a nagging backache. It can also cure headaches and body pain, and relieve a person of anxiety and tension. Several massage techniques and auxiliary therapies aid in the optimum functioning of massage therapy.

The two main categories of massage therapies are listed below:

* Medical massage therapy
* Energy massage therapy

These two categories can be further subdivided. The first, medical massage therapy, has four subsections which are listed below:

* Sports massage therapy
* Massage therapy which involves stretching and exercising
* Orthopedic exercises
* Neuromuscular massage

The second, energy massage therapy, has three subsections as given below:

* Therapy by touch
* Reiki
* Therapy by polarity, or a combination of touch and polarity

Some other therapies that complement massage therapy are the following:

* Aromatherapy
* Osteopathy
* Reflexology

Many massage therapists restrict their training to just one particular type of massage therapy, though some of them may be adept in more than one form of massage therapy. Some of the eastern massage therapy programs, in which massage therapists specialize, are acupressure and shiatsu.

Acupressure is quite similar to the well-known therapeutic system of acupuncture. Unlike acupuncture which uses needles, acupressure uses massage therapy to apply pressure to certain points in the body by pressing deep tissue. Acupressure does not involve the use of massage oils.

Shiatsu massage therapy is a combination of acupressure methods and ordinary massage therapy to bring about energy balance and thus lessen discomfort.

Other two manifestations of massage therapy are Swedish massage and relaxation massage. The massage technique used in these is the stroking of different groups of muscles in a gentle and firm way. In a relaxation massage, the strokes are more smooth and flowing. Both these massage therapies improve circulation and remove tension.

Then there is the workplace massage therapy which lasts for just 10 to 15 minutes and is done for office employees during coffee breaks. Another massage therapy goes by the name Cranial Sacral massage therapy. Here massage is done on the neck and the head.

Remedial massage is a form of massage therapy which is completely medical in nature. This is meant for strengthening of tendons, ligaments, and muscles that have sustained any form of injury. The tissue is massaged here to affect faster healing. An individual can practice this form of massage therapy on himself at home.

Another form of massage therapy is where pressure is applied on certain reflex points on the feet to have an effect on the corresponding points on the body and thus bring about a balance. In this, pressure is applied using the thumb and the finger. When essential oils are used for massage therapy, it becomes aromatherapy massage.

Deep tissue massage makes use of many massage techniques. Some of the forms of massage therapy which uses deep tissue massage are the following:

* Sports massage therapy
*Connective tissue massage
* Therapy based on the trigger point of the pain
* Neuromuscular massage Techniques

There is also hot stone massage that improves the blood circulation in the muscles. This may sometimes be done in combination with Pilates workout.

With so many types of massage therapy to choose from, finding one that is most suited for your body requirements is not going to be a difficult deal.

Pregnancy and Massage Therapy

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Pregnancy is a temporary but important phase of life when health care is of crucial importance and massage therapy can help. It is a bit of a cumbersome stage with all that body muscles stretching and bulging to accommodate the weight of another human being within. All the types of aches and cramps are part of pregnancy and massage therapy can help enormously at this stage. Muscle cramps, spasms, myofascial pain at the hips, neck, legs, and lower back are common during pregnancy and massage therapy can reduce it. Other benefits of massage therapy during this stage are improved blood circulation, lymph flow, and clearness and flexibility of skin and other tissues. It can also help in reducing the stress on knees and hips due to the extra weight. Above all, massage therapy can help in the overall physical fitness and emotional wellbeing of the mother.

While the credentials of a massage therapist are important for any patient, it is extra important for a pregnant patient. A pregnant woman should ensure that she gets a therapist who has a valid massage therapy license. She should also make sure that the therapist is specially qualified to perform massage therapy on pregnant women as this is a fully specialized field. Only a limited few are trained enough to manage massage therapy sessions with pregnant or even postpartum women.

There are marked differences between a regular massage therapy and a pregnancy massage therapy. Certain parts of a pregnant woman should not be massaged at all. And for massage therapy, the body of a pregnant woman should be positioned in a way quite different from that of a regular person. All these are important considerations and is the responsibility of the therapist specialized in doing massage therapy on a pregnant woman.

A pregnant woman should be in a half-reclining position on the massage table. And in her case, pillows should be used on the required side if the position has to be switched from one side to the other, or from the back to the hips. Enough of pillows and cushions should be used to support the body whenever necessary. A massage table, where there is a gap made for the belly is not recommended in the case of a pregnant woman. All these things should be kept in mind while giving a pregnant woman a massage therapy.

Strong smells may make a pregnant woman uncomfortable. The massage therapist should be told about this in advance since aromatherapy candles could be used. She should also be enquired about her comfort level with the music or lighting arrangements of the place.

Massage parlor ethics take care about the extent to which clothes have to be removed during any massage therapy. However, the level of disrobing should be adjusted between the therapist and the pregnant woman. She may choose to keep her panties and bra or disrobe completely and prefer just to be covered by sheets. The patient’s mental comfort and ability to relax have to be the deciding criteria here.

Massage therapy can even be used during labor to reduce the intensity of pain. In short, massage therapy can be useful for a woman through all stages of pregnancy.

Overall Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy positively affects the individual both physically and psychologically. There are massage therapy techniques designed for both.

The physical benefits of massage therapy are galore, and people are quite conscious of the physical benefits of the regimen like reducing muscle tension, and reducing the uneasiness and cramps during pregnancy. Certain forms of massage therapy like medical massage therapy and sports massage therapy are extensively used for treating injuries like tears and sprains of muscles and ligaments, common among athletes. In fact athletes benefit immensely by the different types of massage therapy. The improved blood circulation, the better breathing ability, and smoother working of the lymphatic system resulting from it, aid substantially in better athletic performance. Massage therapy is also helpful in healing the musculoskeletal problems that people have after a surgery. Massage therapy aids in faster healing, reduces the inflammation and pain in the joints, and also prevents the formation of scar tissue. Besides repairing damage, massage therapy can increase the range of motion of an individual by improving the flexibility of the joints. It also improves overall fitness by nourishing the skin, improving the posture, and reducing blood pressure.

Massage therapy benefits from a psychological point of view are mainly on getting rid of tension, anxiety, stress, panic etc. An overall body massage, especially one done with massage oil, gives rise to a feeling of complete relaxation and euphoria in many people. Many of the massage therapy techniques have an overall calming effect on the mind. Not just that, these massage techniques will teach you how to trace your own moods and counteract them. These overall emotional benefits translate into better coordination in personal and official interactions and build relationships and careers. Massage therapy makes a person more conscious of his mind and its abilities, and helps to foster better connections between the mind and the body.

Since massage therapy is a holistic form of treatment, much of the benefits that ensue from it are those that have a combined effect on body and mind. It cures body by curing the mind. Researches have established the ability of massage therapy to lower blood pressure and increase blood circulation. It can also facilitate the flow of lymph, leading to improved detoxification of the body. Massage therapy may not increase the strength of the muscles, but it can definitely activate the weaker muscles and thereby improve muscle tone. Different types of massage therapy can also stimulate endorphin secretion, which in turn leads to decreased feelings of pain and a feeling of euphoria and better appetite.

Your personal physician may recommend you to get a medical massage therapy or your athletic coach may recommend you to get a sports massage therapy. They are fully justified in their recommendations. Depending upon your health requirement, the massage therapy may help in healing an injury to a joint or muscle, or improve your muscle tone and overall strength and fitness. Sometimes a massage therapy may be a post-operative or convalescent requirement. Your health care provider will be able to guide you as to where you can find a therapist with a valid massage therapy license.

Opting for the Best Massage Chair

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Massage therapy is extremely beneficial to health and no one disputes it. However, everybody may not be able to fit in a massage therapy session into his busy schedule. For others, the cost of a massage therapy session may be the inhibiting factor. At least a partial solution to this problem can be found by opting for chair massage therapy. In this, an automated massage chair allows a user to experience much of the comforts and benefits of a normal massage. And when you opt for chair massage therapy, you can do it at home or anywhere you choose, because even portable massage chairs are available.

A massage therapy chair can offer immense health benefits to you. Its robotic action massages the tissues of the back and improves the movement of fluids in those areas. A chair massage therapy also helps in dilating blood vessels and thereby increasing circulation. Massage chairs, whether they are a human touch massage chair, or ijoy massage chair, also facilitate the removal of body wastes as well. The healing benefits of massage chairs are also substantial. Injuries sustained by soft tissues heal fast by undergoing chair massage therapy, and so does contusions and swellings. Massage chairs are great stress relievers as well. Some of the better known massage chairs that help in stress relieving are shiatsu massage chair, homedics massage chair, panasonic massage chair, human touch massage chair etc.

While buying a massage chair, there are many things to be taken into consideration. It has to be one that you feel comfortable in, irrespective of whether its massaging properties are good or bad. Then check out its massage facilities and decide whether these are suitable for you. Some massage chairs does intensive massage while others does only very light massage. Either of these could be good for you, based upon the amount of massage that you require. However, a golden mean between these two would be the best option while choosing a massage chair. Next thing to be taken into consideration is the range of massages that the specific type of massage chair allows, be it a shiatsu massage chair, or dolphin massage chair, or homedics massage chair. Different massage chairs are programmed to do different types of massages, like foot and calf massages, back massages, or arm massages. They may also be designed to do rolling, kneading, or compression. The wider the range of motions that a massage chair has got, the better would its utility be for overall improvement of health. And a massage chair that can perform a variety of massages would be helpful for all the members of the household.

Another thing that you can look for in a massage chair is its accessories. Some massage chairs offer a leg rest that will help the user to relax better. Some massage chairs even come with a music therapy system. A shiatsu massage chair will have all options of the traditional Japanese medical system of shiatsu massaging. And there are several brands like ijoy massage chair, human touch massage chair, dolphin massage chair, homedics massage chair, and panasonic massage chair that come with a wide range of functions. As long as it suits your pocket, you can opt for any of these massage chairs.

Massage Therapy as a Career Option

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As a career option, massage therapy may be comparatively new. Nevertheless, lots of people are finding massage therapy as an attractive career choice. Massage therapists generally work independently and help in securing the health and fitness of others. If you would like to get massage therapy training, it would do well to get a clear picture of what the idea entails.

- The arena of massage therapy careers is one completely dominated by women. American Massager Therapy Association’s statistics reveal that about 85% of therapists with a massage therapy license are women. Male presence is restricted just to the remaining 15%.

- A massage therapy session can be at a massage parlor, at a spa or a club, at the therapist’s home, or at the patient’s home itself. About 44% of therapists who have a massage therapy license go to wherever the client wishes to have the massage therapy session, while 39% conduct the sessions in their own office. The number of therapists who work in a spa or a salon amount to 22% and the number of those providing massage from a health care clinic to 21%. Then there are others who work together with other massage therapy specialists in an office and their number comes to about 17%. The smallest percentage is those who perform massage therapy in a health club and they come to about 9%.

- The main attraction of massage therapy careers is its flexibility. It can be made a full time occupation or a part time one. The larger percentage of those who conduct massage therapy operations are part timers in that they constitute 62% of all, while the remaining 38% have massage therapy as a full time occupation. A full time career as a massage therapist entails a minimum of 17 hours work per week.

- As a career option massage therapy is not bad. There are enough institutes today for taking massage therapy classes, and in USA alone there are more than 1000 centers that provide massage therapy training. You can train in any one of these schools to become a massage therapist.

- There are three steps to becoming a full-fledged massage therapy professional. First is applying to a proper massage therapy training center. Admission is not likely to be difficult as all that is required for enrolment is a high school degree. After you complete the course, you have to become a nationally certified therapist. To become eligible for full-fledged employment as a massage therapy professional, you have also got to get a massage therapy license or a permit from the state in which you hope to practice.

- People start opting for massage therapy careers at different ages, and age is generally not a bar. The average age of a massage therapist in the American Massage Therapy Association is 44 and their ages range from 35 to 54.

Hope this article was helpful for those looking for massage therapy training and hoping to take massage therapy classes, with the aim of becoming a full time massage therapy professional. Massage therapy careers are not a bad option.

Massage Oils and Their Uses

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Massage therapy techniques vary substantially, based upon the problem that is to be addressed, and the massage tools and massage equipment used by the therapist. A masseur may also use different massage oils while performing a massage. It would be ideal that the patient knows about these different massage therapy techniques as well as the different massage oils that may be used by the therapist. This article has been put together for that.

One of the most common massage oils is sweet almond oil. It is rich in fatty acids and vitamins and minerals and soothes and protects the skin. It is an odorless oil, with a yellow color. Whichever the form of massage therapy, it becomes easier for the therapist to work his way across the body when oil is used. When a therapist blends different massage oils, he uses sweet almond oils as a base.

An equally popular oil for oil massage is apricot kernel oil. This is also rich in vitamins and minerals and nourishes the skin. This massage oil is considered to be especially good for face, and so many masseurs use it for facial massage. One inhibiting factor in its use is its cost. Because of that, many massage therapists minimize the use of apricot kernel oil, using it in combination with other oils. Because it is a rich massage oil, some therapists use it at least for face.

Yet another good massage oil is avocado pear oil. This is rich in vitamin D and especially good for dry skin and extra sensitive skin. This massage oil can penetrate deep into the skin. Massage therapists normally blend it with other massage oils while doing massage therapy. The generally used ratio is about 10% of avocado pear oil in a mixture.

Calendula is also a much valued massage oil. While the three massage oils mentioned above are rich in vitamins and other nutrients, and nourishes the skin, calendula has got medicinal properties as well. It is a healing agent and anti-inflammatory agent so that it is effective in healing wounds, treating varicose veins, and removing scar tissue. Massage therapists use this also as part of their blend of massage oils. The normal percentage of calendula oil in a mixture will be 10%, exactly like avocado pear oil.

Evening primrose oil is yet another oil used in massage therapy. This too is medicinal in nature and is said to be effective in lessening the symptoms of heart disease and multiple sclerosis. Evening primrose oil nourishes the skin like other massage oils and therapists invariably make it a part of the massage oil blends they use. It is extra useful for women in that it can minimize pre-menstrual tensions.

There are yet other massage oils that therapists use, based on their cost and local availability. None of these massage oils contain potential allergens and so the risk factor from their usage is comparatively low. However, those with sensitive skin, or those allergic to certain smells, can tell the therapist in advance of their preferences. That would ensure that their massage therapy session does not become a fiasco due to the smell of the massage oil.

The 3 Best Rejuvenating Things to Perk Up Your Relaxation

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In this fast-paced world, where almost everything causes stress to man’s daily life, an ardent need for relaxation is becoming a necessity for a healthier living. Since man’s greatest asset is his body, mind and the self as a whole, investing in wellness have been the trend nowadays. However, giving your body the right techniques does not need to be costly.

Taking extra care of your body, may it be externally or internally is a form of relaxation. People do it by getting enough sleep, taking a time off from work, traveling, enjoying the things they are interested in, working out or doing simple meditations. All of these techniques help heal tired minds and exhausted bodies.

There are various ways of resting than just merely sleeping or taking a vacation. If these seem insufficient, add a twist and put some little spice! Trying some rejuvenating accessories with your preferred method of relaxation will give you a hand. The following are the top selected rejuvenating things that you can get hold of:

1. Essential oils

A spa or massage is one of the best treatments to make a person relaxed inside and out. Although the touch in itself heals already, aromatherapy produced by essential oils will definitely give more relief to those tired muscles and weak senses. The use of aromatherapy is not limited to a massage session only since it can also be simply displayed openly in a room to allow its scent to soothe the people within the area.

To match your needs or mood, here are some of the commonly used scents and their purposes:

Lavender: antiseptic; to aid feelings of depression;
Chamomile: for digestion; anti-inflammatory;
Ginger: laxative; aphrodisiac
Peppermint: to give relief from nasal difficulties, also for digestion

2. Candles

To feel relaxed is to feel warm. Lighting up a tea-light candle or a scented candle in your room will help you rejuvenate and meditate more effectively. The only thing you have to worry about is the toxic gas that is harmful to health. So stay away from those that are made with paraffin wax and choose beeswax or soy wax candles. These are made with more natural ingredients that are eco-friendly.

3. Music

Another way of relaxation is to silently give time to yourself while listening to music. Here are selected rhythms and sounds that have various effects to the human system. Each has a specific role that can be helpful to your needs.

• Drumming sounds induce sleep
• Vibraphone sound reduces stress
• Water waves give a relaxing and calming effect
• Bird chirps, wind chimes and other small animal sounds eliminate stress from the atmosphere

Relaxation is the answer to the exhaustion a person feels while living his day-to-day life. Methods of relaxation differ from one person to another but nevertheless, they all achieve one thing and that is to make a person feel brand new. The top 3 rejuvenating things mentioned above are all optional to have but it certainly will bring up your relaxation levels a notch higher.

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