Wear Perfumes and Smell Good All The Time

February 20, 2009 by  
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Everyone wants to smell good all the time. This may be possible if one has just come out from the shower but after being exposed to dust, dirt and pollution, a person tends to smell bad and become edgy and irritable.

Perfumes, colognes and fragrance oils help a person smell good even after staying out in the sun all day. Just a spray or dab on the wrists makes a huge difference. Smelling good not only boosts one’s self esteem but it also helps lift one’s spirits.

There are millions of perfumes available in the market. The fragrances vary. Some are floral, others are citrus and the stronger ones are musk-like. Aside from the difference in fragrance, there are also different types of perfumes. Some are oil-based and others are water-based. Oil-based perfumes are often more expensive and potent so their fragrances last longer. Most French perfumes are oil-based. Water-based perfumes are milder and the smell doesn’t last as long as oil-based perfumes.

Most perfumes, especially those which are endorsed by fashion icons and superstars, are very expensive. A few ounces may cost more than a hundred dollars. Because prices of these perfumes are pretty steep, a lot of perfume manufacturers have decided to copy the smell of these perfumes and sell them dirt cheap.

When one visits the malls, one would usually notice bottled perfumes with labels that indicate which famous perfumes they smell like. A lot of people go for the cheap imitations because the manufacturers can actually copy the exact same smell of their expensive counterparts.

While a lot of people, especially women, are happy that there are cheap imitations around, the manufacturers of the original brands are not too happy about it. Not only are they not able to sell their perfumes as fast as they would want, but they cannot sell their perfumes at the prices that they originally intended. Competition is always healthy but in this case, this is no longer considered a fair competition. In most countries, this type of practice is not considered legal as well and anyone caught selling items like this may end up in jail.

Whichever type of perfume one chooses though, one thing is for sure. The reason people buy perfumes is because they like smelling good all the time. Who doesn’t want to smell good? Smelling good seems to bring a lot of good things to a person – it attracts other people to you and it doesn’t make a person insecure.

Thank goodness for those who invented perfumes and other fragrant oils to make humans smell good because they have done a world of good to humankind by making humans smell like good. Some commercials like the ones made by Axe Colognes may seem so funny the way women are mysteriously magnetized and even hypnotized by the smell of one single male but there may be some truth to that commercial. Most people is indeed attracted to someone who smells good. After all, who would want to stay close to someone who stinks?