The Perfume Department – Choose Your Scent Here

February 20, 2009 by  
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Ever gone to a department store and pass by the perfume section? What is the first thing that one usually notices when passing through the aisles? The smell of course! Once you are in the perfume section, one usually lingers to check out what are the latest perfumes and if their favorite brands are on sale.

Some people go to the perfume section of the department store to get a whiff of the new fragrances out in the market. One can find a zillion perfume testers lined up that smelling each and every scent displayed often gives one a headache and sometimes nausea.

In order to avoid getting confused with the different scents, most perfume counters have a cup of coffee beans on hand. Coffee beans helps neutralize the smell of perfume so when you are shopping for a fragrance and do not want to be confused with the smell, just take a whiff of those coffee beans and voila! The smell of the previous perfume you just tested disappears.

Another reason why people would go to the perfume department is to try out the smell of perfumes on themselves. Some people are not just contented of smelling the perfumes so some dab perfume on their pulse points – the wrists, back of the ears, the back of the knees and on the cleavage.

Dabbing on perfume on the pulse points intensifies the smell of the perfume thus making the smell distinct and recognizable even if only a small amount was used. Some people however go nuts in the perfume counters and spray a huge amount of the perfume on themselves. Most sales ladies will call a person’s attention but others are nicer and just let the customers indulge in the smell of their perfumes.

One thing that people usually notice in the perfume department is that the expensive perfumes are usually placed inside the huge display cabinets while the cheap, discounted perfumes are flaunted on top of the counters free for everyone’s use. The cheap perfumes do not usually sell as much as the original ones because the alcohol content in cheap perfumes are higher compared to expensive perfumes. Because of the alcohol, the smell disappears faster because it evaporates after its sprayed.

The perfume department usually sells perfumes on retail. If one wants to look for wholesale perfumes, one should go to warehouse clubs or maybe even directly to the supplier. Perfumes cost cheaper if bought wholesale rather than retails but this is only good if one plans to sell the perfumes and not use it herself.

The smell of perfumes change over time so it is not wise to stock up on them. In order to keep perfumes smelling good as the day you bought them, one should place their perfume bottles in a cool, dark place and not in places where it can be exposed to sunlight. Sunlight reacts the perfume thus making the perfume lose its fragrance faster compared to storing it where the sun can’t reach it.

Whatever one’s reason is in visiting the perfume counter, one thing is for sure – the person wants to smell good and loves smelling good all the time.