Hair Care for Different Types

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Hair care is a basic part of our hygiene. After all, it is an external part of the body, a conspicuous part at that. It speaks largely for the habits and lifestyle of the owner. Hair, therefore, needs a good looking after. That is if you want to make good impressions and/or present yourself in a good way.

The only problem is that hair conditions could vary from person to person. A good hair care procedure for a person might not be for others. Here are simple tips on how you should care for your hair depending on what you have.

Straight hair – when straight hairs get dirty, they tend to hide it against the scalp. Thus, it would be wise to use a deep cleansing shampoo. To prevent a buildup of oil, apply clarifying gel treatment at the roots once a week.

Curly hair – being prone to dryness, use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for this hair type. Detangle the it after towel drying it using the fingertips. Use silicone-based serum to shine.

Wavy Hair – shine enhancing shampoos can help this hair type sparkle. And couple it with an appropriate conditioner. Use wide-toothed comb to separate the wet strands.

The hair care as to what type is simple enough. The basic thing is to clean it thoroughly and enhance the shine, which is the most noticeable characteristic of hair no matter what type. Just remember to not use too much hair products or it may cause some serious damage.

Another thing to look into in hair care is dealing with its condition. This makes it more varied from person to person. Hairs can be so tricky to tame. There are several conditions that can be remedied or, at least, lessened by doing some simple steps:

Dry Hair – this can result from the heat that the hair is exposed to. Hence, you can avoid dry hair by avoiding situations where it is in such condition like too much sunlight and hot environment. Protect your hair by applying conditioner or wearing head gears.

Fine Hair – fine hairs are so easy to damage. Avoid situations like heat and too much friction like wearing caps. Create volume by using gel and mousse. Use a lightweight yet good conditioner to prevent damage from harsher hair products.

Oily Hair – this type needs thorough cleansing to remove dirt and oil. Use products especially designed for oily hair to prevent oil accumulation. Some products are made for oily scalp and some are hair that is oily all over. Determine what condition you’re in and pick the best on for you.

Damaged Hair – hair can be damaged by the physical conditions it is subjected to. It can also be damaged due to the hair products that were used on it. Slightly damaged, it can be repaired using products containing nourishing chemicals. Really damaged hair cannot b repaired and needs to be cut. Proper vigilance is needed to avoid hair-damaging situations.

Hair care need not be complicated. It just takes knowing what’s wrong and remedying the problem. But the best thing to do is to avoid situations where it could get harmed. Prevention will always be better than cure.