Hair Care

Hair Care – Proper Ways to Care for Your Hair

The hair is the crowning glory of a man or a woman. It plays a major part in the over-all beauty of a person. And the hair speaks loudly for the hygiene and health of the owner. A healthy and well-kept hair will always be praised and envied.

For the hair to grow and develop beautifully, there are certain things that need to be done and avoided. Proper hair care should be followed to acquire healthy, vibrant and clean hair. Here are some tips:

- Diet – being a part of the body, the hair also benefits largely on the diet. Hair is largely made up of protein. So protein-rich foods can promote hair growth and development. Calcium, iron and silica are the main minerals that can prevent hair loss. Eat lots of vegetables, whole grains and organ meat. This will help you keep the precious strands rooted in the scalp.

- Proper washing – use the tips of your fingers to massage the scalp while shampooing. Don’t use your fingernails. The frequency of applying shampoo depends mainly on the hair type. Rinse thoroughly after shampooing to remove all soap and get the greatest possible shine.

- Choosing shampoos and conditioner – avoid shampoos that contain complicated formula. They’re easy to spot… they’re expensive. Instead, choose shampoos that wash only oil and dirt. For conditioners, the mild ones are the best. Don’t include the scalp in applying conditioner.

- Comb right – never ever use a rubber comb, instead opt for a wooden or a tortoise shell comb. Untangle hair and work from root to end gently. Remember to brush only after combing and let your hair dry before brushing.

- Hair style – making a statement with your hair always involves hair styles. They speak individuality and attitude. Much of the hair styles, sad to say, involves hair products that can otherwise damage your hair. Go for products that not only style your hair, but also nourish your hair with vitamins and botanicals.

- Protecting your hair – the environment can impose harshness in your hair in the form of sunlight, dust and salt water in beaches. A way to protect the it is to use conditioners; this is most effective against the sun. Against other agents, it is best to wear a hat or a cap.

- Sleep – don’t wear any clips or band when going to sleep. It is good to comb your hair before going to bed. If you move a lot while sleeping, use smooth pillowcases to prevent breakage.

A healthy hair is a good reflection on the person who is topped by it. It is normally easy to ignore the subtleties in hair care like diet and sleep because it is something we don’t exclusively do for our hair. These little things, however, can add up resulting to a major problem.

Another thing to take note is that you can’t really cover up bad hair by loading it up on hair products. What they do on the surface may be good but inside your hair, they might be ruining it further, so be wary. Hair care, like everything else worth some time, may feel like a hassle, but given enough attention and importance it might be a favor you do for yourself.