Eye Makeup – Tips on Getting it Done Right

February 20, 2009 by  
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Every girl thinking of putting on makeup must come to a decision of what will look right for her. After all, she puts makeup to look good, not to look like an artist’s palette. Matching the right makeup is somewhat daunting. There are lots of things to factor in like skin tone, face features and the desired effect. The part that seems to be not too friendly for the uninitiated in cosmetics is the eyes.

The makeup for this duo can constitute almost half the variety in your kit. One needs to consider her eye color and eye shape and everything else that can come to the mix of the look to achieve the desired effect. So here are simple, tried and tested makeup tips on how you can choose the right eye makeup.

- Eyeliner – usually, a brown or a darker hue is used. It should be darker than the eye shadow to give an impact. Khol pencil type is more popular than liquid type of liner but it is really a personal preference of what would feel easier to apply. Rest the elbows to prevent sudden movements that can make the eyeliner wobbly.
- Eye Shadow – the eye shadow should enhance the shape and the color of the eyes. Choosing the right color is of utmost importance here when you’re going for effects. For example, the makeup for brown eyes would involve an eye shadow with bright colors for a playful look, or shades of brown to look classic. The important thing is to give some time to think about what look you are after and implement it with your eye shadow.
- Mascara – it is best to choose mascara that’s not too far in color from the natural eye lashes. So blondes must definitely go for light shades and brunettes for dark shades. You can use your mascara to add a dramatic effect. A sure way is to go against the first sentence, go for unnatural colors, like blue or pink. While this might prove to do the job of making a statement, it doesn’t suit for everyday use. For a more graceful effect on the lashes, use an eye curler on the lashes and then apply the mascara.

There are also general rules on the color of eye makeup based on the eye color. This eye makeup tips are:

- Brown eyes – choose a color that will highlight the colored flecks in the iris. Lush colors, like green, will do the trick.
- Green eyes – light chocolate colors can look very natural against green eyes. You can use browns as mascara
- Blue eyes – being a cool color, blue can really stand out against warm colors like rose.
- Hazel eyes – like brown eyes, hazel eyes have interesting flecks in the iris, highlight these by using colors that will complement their colors (which could vary from person to person).

Given these tips, you can now fashion your of eye makeup palette according to your mood or desired effect. As with any art, applying cosmetics isn’t really a do or die endeavor. It can be as simple as to go for what you feel. But then again, an advice or two wouldn’t hurt.