Cosmetics and Make Up

Applying Makeup – The Right Way of Doing It

Makeup application can be considered an art, mostly because it involves combining statement and form. With a large array of colors and textures of cosmetics to choose from, there are limitless combinations to try and experiment with.

But like any other creative endeavors taken up by men (or women), makeup has that “right way to do it.” It is mainly comprised of ground rules… okay let’s not be restrictive… advice that will guide ladies on what would look good and what will look not too good. Following these simple step by step make up tips will save you the trouble of doing things all over again, wasting time and wasting your cosmetics.

- Before putting on make up, wash your face. This will ensure that no dirt will come between your face and make up which will it less effective. A smooth skin is a great canvass to work on.

- Apply moisturizer to avoid dry skin. This will further smoothen your skin making the application of cosmetics easier. Start from the center of your face moving outwardly.

- You can now start applying the foundation. The tint of the foundation must match your skin tone. Friendly ladies from the make up store can help you choose the right one for you. Don’t spread the foundation directly all over your face. Instead, dot conspicuous parts of your face with your foundation and spread them outwardly and evenly to blend.

- After this, apply the blush. Start by putting just a small amount of blush in the round part of the cheek, called the apple. Then at an upward angle, drag your brush outward towards the temple, following your cheek bone. Blend the color down from there to your earlobe.

- Blend and soften everything with powder. Use your fluffy brush to do this. Dust gently on the face covering all areas.

- For eye make up, line the lids with soft black or brown liner. An appealing look can be achieved by applying very light liner strokes on the upper eyelid going towards the eye’s outer corner.

- A darker eye shadow must be applied to the eye’s outer crease. Gently blend it outward for a graceful look.

- Add a finishing touch to your eye make up with mascara. Curl your lashes first for the best result. Just hold and push your eyelash curler at the base of the lash. Then slide it carefully to the top. Repeat until you’re satisfied with the curl. To apply the mascara, start from the base moving to the top. Lower lashes will be given more definition if you move the mascara wand across instead of along the lashes.

- Line your lips with a liner that will match the color of your lips. Outline the lips’ natural line. Rub your lips to spread the liner in. Then, use a brush to apply lipstick. This will provide an even spread. Lightly blot your lips on a tissue to remove excess and loose pigment.

If you follow these simple guidelines, it will be hard to mess up your make up.