Beauty Must-Haves – The Top Eight Products Every Woman Must Have In Her Bag

Women are, by nature, lovely. Maintaining that beauty, however, is an entirely different matter. With the many things plaguing the beautiful lady of today, it’s perfectly understandable when beauty takes the backseat to these more pressing things – well, sometimes understandable.

To keep the appearance of grace and beauty, every woman must have her secret weapon at hand. Gun-toting men bring spare bullets with them. Why shouldn’t glamorous women bring makeup bags with them? No reason, really.

Makeup bags come in every shape, style, and form yet its purpose has remained unchanged. Of course it’s used to carry makeup to enhance the female beauty. But with the astonishing array of makeup available in your favorite store, how do you choose? How do you pick what stays and what strays?

That’s what this article is for. Here are the top ten beauty products every woman (that means YOU) must have in her (your) bag:

1. Foundation.
This provides the perfect, natural coverage before applying makeup. Foundation comes in powder, liquid, or mousse form. Pick the shade closest to your natural skin color to preserve your natural beauty.

2. Concealer.
This is the beauty product to use to mask blemishes and other unsightly marks on your skin. A concealer is often used with foundation, but the former is applied on smaller areas. Again, pick the shade closest to your natural skin color. Blend well.

3. Blush.
This adds a pop of life into your face, specifically on your cheeks. Blushes have to be used sparingly and must be blended well. You wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a clown, would you? Blushes come in different forms and you can choose between powder, liquid, or cream types.

4. Mascara.
A swipe of mascara widens up your peepers, thus creating a more dramatic look. Picking a waterproof mascara is a wise choice since you are spared the agony of wondering if your mascara is running or streaking. Apply on lashes with utmost care.

5. Lip balm.
Before slicking on some of your favorite lippie, it’s best to prime up your lips with some lip balm. It prevents your lips from chapping and cracking, making your lipstick look more impressive. Think of lip balm as moisturizer for your lips.

6. Eye liner.
If you’re the type who is into making statements and catching people’s attention, then this beauty product is for you. Eye liners are meant to attract, hold, and captivate. Depending on your shade and manner of application, eye liners can make you appear fun and light, or sultry and sexy. There are plenty of shades to choose from, from the classic brown tones to the more playful pastels.

7. Lipstick.
Ah. The drama of a painted pout. Enough said.

8. Makeup remover.
Never go to bed with your makeup on as it can irritate your skin. No matter how tired or exhausted you are, it’s always worth it to strip your skin off the many products you put on. A handy makeup remover does the trick when you have to hurriedly scrub your makeup off. Choose a formula that’s mild and non-irritating to the skin.

You can always add some more beauty products to your makeup loot aside from what’s on this list. But remember to always have the beauty supply basics with you. Makeup may seem like such a serious business, but it all boils down to this: having fun!